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Canadian ’84 Olympian Jessica Tudos writes children’s book based on experience in gymnastics

ONTARIO – Are you also familiar with the phenomenon of a child that wants to move all the time? Which brings complaints, because nothing can be done to make it quiet so your kid is always walking on its hands anyplace. Those supermobile children for whom the sky opens when they discover the gymnastics arena where they can live it up on the apparatus, mats and anything that enables them to move upside down. Jessica Tudos, former Olympian for Canada, wrote an inspiring children’s book about ‘Kika The Up-side Down girl’ in order to support all those gymkids.

Tudos writes down in fact her own story and testifies it’s simply cool to be able to enjoy intensively to move. “Life doesn’t only exist of ‘ups-and-downs’, but also upside down, which can make you look very differently at things that are happening.” Kika is a budding gymnastic talent that loves to look at the world and her life from a different point of view, upside down. Of course she encounters very funny things and she takes part in the nicest adventures, not everyone however seems to be glad that she does everything upside down and in reverse in a straight up world. Eventually she finds her own wonderous gymnastics world, the ‘Gymnastics Emporium’.

Hayley Wickenheiser, one of the best Canadian women hockeyplayers of all time, recommends the book: “As a mother I’m aware that it’s important to encourage your child to be active and to have fun. As an athlete and woman I experienced the pressure not to be able to do what I liked doing most – to play hockey -, because of what people thought of it. Thanks to my parents’ support and encouragement I was able to continue in the sport that I loved. The essence of the story about Kika hits the right button exactly, being a marvellous message for todays’ children.”

Tudos became national gymnastics champion of Canada in 1983 and participated in the Olympics in Los Angeles one year later. There she was the youngest participant at age 15. To healthblog she explains: “Having spent more than 10.000 hours upside down as a gymnast, I want to inspire children with this story and motivate them to explore what it means to dedicate oneself to something you love. Although it’s upside down and difficult to understand for others.

The former elite gymnast went to college at the Arizona State University after her career and has her own company Kika Creative for twenty years now. Tudos is a teacher, enterpreneur and motivational speaker. In the interview with iVillage she explains that she benefits highly from the building of character and skills that she developed thanks to gymnastics: perseverance, strive for perfection, living healthy and power of will. On being asked by GymPOWER, she explains: “After becoming a mom myself some years ago, I decided it was the right time to write a nice and motivating story for children, inspired by gymnastics.” Tudos loves to encounter so much gymnastic news on the website of GymPOWER and not in the least about the efforts and results of her gifted countrywomen that made their performance during the Worlds in Antwerp.

Her book contains many lovely illustrations and is meant for children from the age of 4 till 10. When there will be sufficient orders in advance on the book will be published for a the public. This can be done  until the 30th of October. With thirteen days left Tudos got half of the aimed amount. “Right on time for end of the year’s  festivities. It surely is an nice present for the children.”

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